Cabin at Stor-Räbben

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Stuga Stor-räbben LB1170x488
Stuga Stor-räbben LB1170x488. © Linda Buska
  • Stuga Stor-räbben LB1170x488
    Stuga Stor-räbben LB1170x488. © Linda Buska
  • Broschure about the island of Stor-Räbben
    Broschure about the island of Stor-Räbben. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • The backside of the cabin
    The backside of the cabin. © Per Lenndin
  • Stor räbben sängarna 1170x488
    Stor räbben sängarna 1170x488. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Spång Stor-räbben LB1170x488
    Spång Stor-räbben LB1170x488. © Linda Buska
  • Skylt Stor-räbben LB1170x488
    Skylt Stor-räbben LB1170x488. © Linda Buska
  • Stor-räbben vattenlinje LB1170x488
    Stor-räbben vattenlinje LB1170x488. © Linda Buska

This relatively newly built ( in the year of 2013) coastal cottage is located on the island Stor-Räbben, a nature reserve area in the archipelago of Piteå. In summer you reach the Island by boat, 45 min from Renöhamn or 1,5 hours from central Piteå. 

The cottage is equipped with a kitchen with gas stove and a gas fridge, a wood stove, and bed capacity for 4 persons with the possibility of one additional person on an airmattress. Other equipment includes cooking equipment, blankets and pillows. You have to bring your own water and food, as well as bed sheets and pillow-cases or sleeping bag. A simple outhouse will be your close to nature toilet.

The cottage is beautifully located just inside the boat wharf of Stor-Räbben, next to the old fishing village of the island with several hundred-year-old fishing cottages. At the top of the island you may find a navigation building (beacon) from 1884 and next to it old labyrinths and house grounds from early seal hunters indicating how important hunting and fishing have been for over a thousand years. A nature-trail takes you to all the historic and biologically interesting spots on the island. A small sandbank connects Stor-Räbben with Svarthällan, another fishing village.

Please contact us for more information and welcome out at sea!


  • Camping and cottage: outdoor privies, stoves for wood, paraffin, or gas
  • General facilities: fireplace
  • Kitchen and household: fridge, primus stove
  • Price level: budget


Phone+46 070 265 58 89
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