Cottages at Baggen

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Cabin nr 1
Cabin nr 1. © Frank Olsson
  • Cabin nr 1
    Cabin nr 1. © Frank Olsson
  • Three cabinis
    Three cabinis. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Cabin at Baggen
    Cabin at Baggen. © Sofia Wellborg
  • One of the rooms
    One of the rooms. © Frank Olsson
  • Sleeping corner at Baggen
    Sleeping corner at Baggen. © Frank Olsson
  • Wiondow view
    Wiondow view. © Frank Olsson
  • Fireplace at Baggen
    Fireplace at Baggen. © Frank Olsson
  • The sauna at Baggen
    The sauna at Baggen. © Frank Olsson

The island of Baggen has four self-catering cottages all with bottled gas stoves, basic kitchen equipment and wood burners, no refridgerator.
Down by the beach there is a sauna, heated oldstyle by wood available. What could be better than finishing your sauna experience with a dip from the jetty?

To reach the Island you need a boat.

Price CategoryPricetypePrice Info
Cabin (4 people)1 week
2,700.00 SEK-
Cabin (4 people)Week-end
1,000.00 SEK-
Cabin (4 people)One night
550.00 SEK-


  • Camping and cottage: firewood, outdoor privies
  • General facilities: fireplace, sauna
  • Kitchen and household: primus stove
  • Price level: budget


94131 Piteå

Phone+46 0911 933 90