Unique accommodation

Caravans at Borgaruddens campingsite, Sofia Wellborg
Borgaruddens Havsbad offers cabins, camping, miniaturegolf and a beautiful beach in a quiet surrounding. welcome!
+46 070 268 75 27 *
Camp Ladrike
At Camp Ladrike you will find what your family needs for a nice stay. There are 26 cabins on the camp and you can choose to stay in simple 2 beds cabins or renovated 4 beds cabins. We also offer caravan camping with electricity. Welcome!
+46 070 580 06 43 *
Fåröns Stugby the Reception, Amanda Pogulis
Fårön stugby (Cottage village) is located only five minutes from Piteå City on Fårön island in our beautiful archipelago! You reach it by car (bridge). Quiet environment in combination with the closeby city and a small pool area makes this campingsite a very popular stay for both children and adult ...
+46 070 523 09 11 *
Hemlunda Camping Sign, Amanda Pogulis
Hemlunda Camping is a small and cosy camping next to a nice small swimming lake. Welcome.
+46 072 744 10 11 *
Stina Eriksson
Welcome to Jävre Motorhome Parking. Here you have a beautiful parking, a lovel view over the sea and it is also close to a summer cafe, a beautiful lighthouse and a supermarket.   Here you can empty your latrine. You will also be at walking distance to a supermarket, petrol station, restaurant, ...
+46 0911 23 00 70
Jävrebodarnas fishingcamp, Jävrebodarnas fiskecamp
Jävrebodarnas Fiske Camp Fishing Camp offers a lot more than put and take - a relaxing outdoorlife with bath in a calm environment suitable for children. We have a guestharbour for Your boat and a campingsite for Your caravan or tent, some cabins to rent and a sauna by the water with showers and rel ...
+46 070 360 48 68 *
Entrance to Lindbäcksstadium wintertime!, Piteå kommun
Lindbäcksstadion is in the winter a ski and adventure arena, FUN Park and varied skiing for both beginners and experienced skiers.  The Camping is closed during the summer and opens again at fall. Access to showers and toilets in the Café building and servicehouse with simple kitchen in th ...
+46 0911 69 65 08 *
Flight photo Norrskensgården
Norrskensgården, is located 60 km west of Piteå Centre in a small village called Långträsk. Stay in a motelroom or a cabin with two separat bedrooms, or with your own caravan. Welcome.
+46 0911 22 02 00 *
Norrstrand Camping street, Stina Eriksson
Piteås city camping offers mostly pitches för the whole season, a pool, kiosk and miniaturegolf near both the city and the archipelago. A few pitches at a parking space nearby. No pitches available during events as Piteå Summer Games and Stora Nolia. Welcome.
+46 0911 69 77 50
Pite Havsbad Cabin area, Pite Havsbad
Pite havsbad is one of Sweden's most popular campsites, right next to the hotel and the long sandy beach famous for the large amound of sunny hours. We have cottages to suit most families and groups, from smaller cottages for four persons to larger cottages and bungalows with up to six beds. ...
+46 0911 327 00 *
Hotel room at Sikfors, Sikfors Camping
With us you can choose accommodation in our newly renovated and comfortable hotel rooms, or in your own caravan or in any of our fully equipped cottages. Spend your conference in a truly beautiful and relaxed environment, completely tailored to your needs with pleasant activities.
+46 0911 700 77 *
Storstrands kursgård
Areas for tents and caravans, with service facilities. 4 x 6-bed cottages with kitchen, toilet and shower. Hostel with shared kitchen, toilet and shower. Restaurant open by reservation, otherwise open as presented at our webpage.  Summerprogram June -August with concerts, cafe and music evenings. F ...
+46 0911 601 47 *
Do you like being out in nature? Are you looking for calmness? Welcome to Storsund! The homestead has a calm and close to nature location. The homestead has three beds. The cottages with sea view have five beds divided in two rooms. Access to a shared kitchen and bathroom. There is also a child ...
+46 070 532 77 01
Västra kajen camping och gästhamn
Västra Kajen camping and guestharbour is located at the south harbour right next to the sea, in the center of Piteå. Walking distance to the shoppingcenters and restaurants in Piteå. Open all year round but in a smaller extent during the winter. Welcome!
+46 0911 120 30 *

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