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AE Däckcenter
We have tires and rims to cars, mc, moped, trucks, buses, tractors, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, forestry machinery.  Our customers are both individuals and companies.  We are Vianor partners, which give us acess to well known tire trademarks.  Welcome to ...
+46 0911 21 14 17 *
Abrahamssons Bildel AB
We can help you with electrical problems on your car. For example, change light bulbs, fix the central locking or repair the heating system etc. We also sell electrical- and car spare parts.  Just make a call or come by!  Our major work is electrical installations and repairs of vehicels w ...
+46 0911 176 60 *
Aili inside the shop with her creations., Piteå Turistcenter
Ceramics in stoneware quality, beautiful both to use and to decorate with! Aili have worked as a ceramicist for roughly 36 years and therefore clay has truly become an important part of her life. The workshop was located in the old church village for 27 years, however in the last ten years the ...
+46 070 205 64 55
Large selection of books for those who like to read. Welcome.
+46 010 744 16 90 *
Maria Nilsson
Sweden's only rhubarb farm with a unique self-service shop is situated in the beautiful Alterdalen. We can guarantee that your visit will turn into a a lovely food experience. Here you can find nice edible presents, for example cloudberry jam and rhubarb liquorice. We can also guide you through Al ...
+46 0911 20 40 93 *
Annicas Handelsträdgård
Sales direct from the greenhouse. Welcome to buy flowers, cuttings and spices for a good price. We also offer trees and other plants.
Arbete + äventyr
This is the store for all that needs reliable outdoor wear, working clothes or athletic outfits. Welcome!
+46 0911 150 70 *
Arken Zoo
We have everything for man's best friend and we love animals. Because of that we have acquired large amounts of knowledge on how to take care of a pet in the best way possible. We are more than happy to share that knowledge with you ꟷ welcome to us!   
+46 010 490 62 55 *
Arnemarks Köttservice
At Arnemarks Köttservice you can purchase beef, lamb and pork from the farms around Piteå. We have a close contact with the farmers who we buy the animals from. The animals are sent to liscensed butchers from whom we later pick up the products with our cooling truck. When at our facilities the ...
+46 073 091 16 36 *
Arnemarks Köttservice
At Arnemarks Köttservice you can purchase beef, lamb and pork from the farms around Piteå. We are in close contact with the farmers who we buy the animals from. The animals are sent to liscensed butchers from whom we later pick up the products with our cooling truck. When at our facilities the ...
+46 073 809 11 24
Carriage of flowers, Astrant plant
600 m2 greenhouse with a wide range of summerflowers, perennials, bushes, trees and herb spices. We also grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, among other things. Plants and vegetables for sale. We also have a small shop where you, for example, can buy gifts and gardening accessories. Welcome!
+46 070 542 22 51
Part of art, Atelje Jiget
In a splash of colours i create art with a special feeling of my own. Open by appointment.
+46 070 258 57 35
Elon ljud och bild, Elon logotyp
Here at Elon ljud och bild, you'll always find the latest in consumer electronics. Everything from cell phones to televisions and also a wide range of installation and advisory services.  
+46 0911 530 000 *
BackCity logotype, BackCity
BackCity is a shopping district with a variation of shops! Here you can find everything from furnishing and car workshops to animal supplies, groceries, sports and electronics. With other words, a shopping district for the entire family. When you are done shopping, or simply in need of a break you ...
+46 0911 184 94 *
Barbros Perenner och Träd
Barbros Perenner is the place to buy flowers, fruit trees and bushes for your garden. The small seedling nursery with the low prices.
+46 076 839 77 80 *
With the business idea Batteries from bell to the truck Batterilagret has grown rapidly, steadily and currently operates nationwide. Today they offer the widest assortment of batteries and battery related accessories. Welcome!
Shop your fish in our new Winter shop for the Christmas dinner!  Welcome
Logo, BeSweet
One of the best candy stores in Sweden is located at Back City in Piteå! 
+46 070 618 10 00
This is a store with many great deals, all for building, home and some gardening. Welcome!
+46 075 241 15 18 *
Bik Bok AB
Welcome to the wonderful world of Bik Bok – the international fashion destination for young women who love and live fashion and fast trends. Women who aspire to inspire others with their personal style and impeccable taste. With one eye on the catwalk and the other on flawless Scandinavian street st ...
+46 010 20 63 428 *
Bilhallen are retailers for Hyundai and Subaru.
+46 0911 141 35 *
Bostrom optician specializing in optics, lenses, glasses and sunglasses.
+46 0911 21 10 88 *
Buchts hästsport shop, Buchts hästsport
Shop that offers many things for the Horse and riders just outside Piteå. Welcome!  
+46 070 623 89 84
Flowers, pots and much much more!
+46 0911 127 90 *
In the shop at Pensionatet we offer products that we have made ourselves along with things we feels gives inspiration. We love Swedish, local produced and designed products.  Welcome
+46 076 224 95 80 *
Bygma in Piteå is a construction warehouse. Our business idea is to sell construction material.
+46 0911 23 23 40 *
Böle Potatis & kött
Böle Potatoes is a family business where we've been growing potatoes with great care since 1953. The owners Markus Levander and Lisa Nes is the third generation working at the farm. The potato if grown in a sandmixed soil, all for the good taste. All meat comes from the farms own animals who ar ...
+46 070 241 83 72 *
With 59 years in the industry and 43 years in our ownership! We are fundamentally a family company with the third generation active in the company.  We only sell caravans and call ourselves specialist on just caravans. Our competence is to be your help when it comes to give advice to choose the ...
+46 0911 911 30 *
Catharina J Berg
I am an artist and art educator and I run the company "cattis.j.berg".
+46 070 255 69 32 *
A small shop in Lillpite that also sells chocolate via phone or mail. Contact us and make your own Choclate tasting with a group of friends or the company.
+46 070 633 89 78 *

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