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Our glasses are not expensive, Specsavers
Glasses, contacts, eye health - we can help you!
+46 0911 156 70
Logo Stadium Outlet, Stadium Outlet
Welcome to our store at BackCity close to Piteå center
Svetsprodukter is a family company since 1949, and here you can find welds, high pressure washes, grilles and handmachines. We are situated at Back-City, welcome!
+46 0911 21 14 15 *
We offer a wide variety of glasses and contacts and our staff gives you professional help at our store! Welcome
+46 0911 21 10 57 *
Tango, Tango
Tango is a consulting firm operated by Gunnar and Ingrid Forslund. For more information, check out our website!
+46 070 551 77 22 *
Rugs, Tapis Handmade
Tapis is a newly founded company in Sweden but has a long and abundant experience and background in the carpet industry from the countries that manufacture oriental genuine hand-knotted rugs. Our experience in carpet handling and trade was founded in Afghanistan in 1940 and expanded over the years i ...
+46 070 603 05 25
Tell us what you need. Tell helps you with your communication and with all the IT-solutions there is to optimize your work.
+46 0911 22 10 10 *
Logotype, The Local Store
Clothes and accessoaries for sale
+46 070 765 94 44
Sofia Wellborg
The unreal is real! The new time floating clothes! THERMOTIC Floating Base is a very warm, smooth and incredibly lightweight. For anyone staying at or near the open or frozen water. The garments are highly effective breathable. That is the condensation and moisture goes into the outer garment. ...
+46 070 269 40 94 *
Ur & Penn
In the Nordic market, with focus on watches. We offer the widest and most attractive range of fashion accessories. We make the best prices, the best business locations with the best service. Welcome!
+46 0911 121 51 *
Vero Moda
Clothes for girls and women. Welcome!
+46 0911 40 01 11 *
Ylva at work, Ylva tapetserare
We restorate old furniture, padding and the upholstery of furniture and boat interiors. We also sell upholstery fabrics, leather, upholstery materials, etc. Welcome to our workshop, shop and showroom.
+46 070 382 74 87 *
We have a wide assortment of products, chosen with care, to meet the needs for you and your pet.  We have a engaging team who have a great passion for animals and helping you to find the right products.  Our assortment of products is for your dog, cat, rodent, bird, fish or/and reptile. We also ...
+46 0911 88 08 10
One of Sweden's biggest range with over 15,000 articles. Welcome!
+46 0911 638 95 * www.ö
Welcome to our shop in Piteå, just along the pedestrian street in the middle of Piteå! Our shop contains things for your home, fashion and beauty.
+46 0911 40 01 20 *
Nice plate to order at Ångbryggeriet, Ångbryggeriet
A deli at the Modern restaurant and bar located in an historic building in the center of Piteå. At Ångbryggeriet all effort is put on tasty flavours and good quality ingridients. Read more about us and our menu at our website here! Welcome!  
+46 0911 104 44 *
Logotype, Åströms Ur och Optik
Åströms Ur och Optik specializes in making glasses and selling and repairing watches.
+46 0911 21 15 00 *

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