Market Garden


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Annicas Handelsträdgård
Sales direct from the greenhouse. Welcome to buy flowers, cuttings and spices for a good price. We also offer trees and other plants.
Carriage of flowers, Astrant plant
600 m2 greenhouse with a wide range of summerflowers, perennials, bushes, trees and herb spices. We also grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, among other things. Plants and vegetables for sale. We also have a small shop where you, for example, can buy gifts and gardening accessories. Welcome!
+46 070 542 22 51
Barbros Perenner och Träd
Barbros Perenner is the place to buy flowers, fruit trees and bushes for your garden. The small seedling nursery with the low prices.
+46 076 839 77 80 *
Our main products are obviously Japanese saws, but we have many other products with a focus on crafts, gardening and the outdoors. We have a large assortment of crowbars, diamond knife Sharpeners and Japanese waterstone, fishing nets, knives and blades. Welcome!
+46 0911 668 40 *
Decorations, Maritas Trädgård
Maritas trade garden
+46 070 672 77 97
Annicas Handelsträdgård
Come to us with your own apples, we make juice from them, at least 20 kg of apples. Sales direct from the greenhouse. Welcome to buy flowers, cuttings and spices for a good price.
Stina Eriksson
Welcome to Piteå Garden in Öjebyn. Here you will find a wide selection of garden plants, shrubs, trees, fruits, climbing, roses, perennials and much more.
+46 0911 600 15
Sinnenas Ateljé garden, Sinnenas Ateljé
We can offer good conditions for companies that order flowers from us. Sinnenas Atelje can also arrange classes, e.g. a night were you learn how to arrange flowers and design your own garden. Customers in the need for garden tips or suggestions about interior flower design can also contact us!
+46 070 556 00 56 *
Plants and perennials for sale. Welcome!
+46 073 842 72 47 *

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