Bus traffic

City buses

Local bus traffic in Piteå is called Piteå Stadsbuss and is managed by Nobina. All buses go through the bus stop Knuten on Sundsgatan. A single ticket costs 29 SEK. You can also buy a period pass for 20, 30 or 40 trips for the local buses in Piteå. The Municipality even offers free bus service on local bus, Citylinjen. Citylinjen runs in the city center, Backen and Annelund on weekdays from 9:00 to 14:30. For more information about local buses and timetables, visit Piteå Stadsbuss website piteastadsbuss.se

Local och regional buses

Länstrafiken is responsible for local and regional bus and coach services in the County of Norrbotten. By regional buses you can travel all over the Norrbotten County and across its borders into the other conunties. The buses from countryside and from other municipalities arrive and depart from the bus station at Piteå. For more information about bus routes, departure and arrival times, fares for trips, visit Länstrafiken website www.ltnbd.se.